6 Important Facts All Homeowners Need to Know

home in rowlett protected by crazylegs pest controlPest control is an age-old profession, and there is a lot more to it than many people realize. It is easy to underestimate the expertise and experience that is necessary to properly get rid of bedbugs, mice, termites, and other unwanted insects and vermin. Here are 6 things that many people do not realize about pest control:

  1. If one’s home is infected, the neighboring houses are in danger. If you notice that neighbors have called an exterminator, it is a good idea to speak with them and figure out what kind of pest problem they are having. By doing this, you can easily shield your home before an infestation begins.
  2. Houses that have a lot of shrubbery, piles of debris, or wood piles next to their home, are creating a perfect environment for pests to flourish. It is important to keep surrounding homes carefully maintained in order to keep ants, termites, mice, and other pests out.
  3. Having a clean home does not mean it is safe from pests. This is a common misconception, that only dirty homes develop pest problems. A homeowner should not be embarrassed if he or she have a pest problem, because the longer they pretend the problem doesn’t exist, the longer it will take to fix it, and the more pests will overtake your home.
  4. Trying to do it alone often causes more harm than good. Placing pesticides and traps incorrectly can be extremely dangerous, and even life threatening. Many people trying DIY pest control often times worsen the problem, by waiting longer before calling a professional. People often spend a great deal of time and money on failed pest control attempts, only to end up hiring a professional in the end. Not only that, but not having the experience and knowledge about how these products work could put them and their family at serious risk. Protect the safety of your homes and businesses, call an exterminator when you first see signs of a problem.
  5. Even new homes can develop pest issues. This is one of the most dangerous misconceptions about pest control, and one that could turn a big investment into a catastrophe. Remember that a newly built home was created on an already existing piece of land. That land is already home to a great number of insects and other unwanted pests. Developing a pest control strategy from the very beginning is a responsible choice for a new homeowner, to bring peace of mind and protect the value of their new home.
  6. Bed bug bites are often confused with allergies. If someone wakes up with skin irritation and red spots on their skin, he or she must be concerned that their bed is infested with insects or mites. If you’re concerned you have bed bugs, call us today for a free inspection!

Understanding these six things about pest control will end up saving a lot of time and money, in the long run. For homeowners having pest control issues in their home, call a professional exterminator today.

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