8 Signs You Have Mice or Rats in Your Home

mouseThere is nothing worse than having pests in your home. Mice and rats are particularly irritating because they make your place of comfort into a breeding ground. Mice and rats pose a great risk to your health so these pests should be eliminated immediately after detection.




Know the signs of mice and rats.



            These pests are not good at covering their tracks. This is that fastest way to know that you have a rat or mouse infestation in your house. Look for droppings, especially near furniture, in the back of cupboards, and on the floor. Rat droppings are dark brown and look like grains of rice, while mice droppings are small and dark, and are usually scattered randomly.


Scratching Sounds-

            Frustrated manThese pests have an uncanny ability to disturb your good nights rest with scratching noises. This can be very irritating, especially after a long day. These pests are usually active at night and may only come out when all the lights are off. You may hear noises under floorboards, in basements, in ceilings, and between portion walls.



            Mice and rats often shred available materials to make nests for themselves. Most commonly, these materials consist of cardboard and loft installation. If you notice that some of your soft materials have been destroyed, with no explanation as to why, you more than likely have a pest infestation. Check suspended ceilings, lofts, cavity walls, behind fridges, under floorboards and other secluded areas of your house for thee nests.



            This is another tell tale sign of a rodent infestation. Mice and rats leave footprints in dusty areas and unused places. The footprint is no where close to the size of Bigfoot, but it is noticeable. You will find tail marks and tracks in places like the basement. If you have heard scratching noises in the basement, make sure to investigate and look for footprints to confirm your suspicion (No, those scratching noises were probably not a ghost.)

Strong Smell-

            Sometimes these rodents die and their carcasses really stink. Make sure you trace the source of the smell because this can lead to a lot of discomfort, and more unwanted pests. Finding dead mice and rats could also mean that you have a large infestation. Rats and mice also leave a displeasing smell when they urinate.


Greasy Fur Marks-

            Mice and rats will also leave dirty and greasy smudges on surfaces such as walls. This happens when their bodies come into contact with wall and floors. These marks will stand out and it is easy to identify them if you are keen.


Evidence of Gnawing-

            If you discover food items that look like they have been eaten, or boxes containing food with holes bitten through, you have a pest problem. The pests also gnaw on metal, plastic, glass, and even clothes!


Unusual Behavior from Pets-

           Dog nose Your pests can also easily tell if you have a rodent infestation. Pay attention to you dogs and cats. They have more sensitive senses and if they spend their time listening intently through walls or floorboards, then it is possible they are reacting to the sound of rodents.


If you have discovered any of these tell tale signs of mice and rats in your home, take action now!!

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