Does Green Pest Control Really Work?

roof-rat-961499_640Pests are a nuisance to humans and pets. They are in all places whether it’s the interior or exterior of the house. Due to their disruptive character, people often employ available mechanisms to rid them from their homes. One of the most used tactics is the application of synthetic pesticides. However, these chemically made substances are major environmental pollutants. Apart from using the industrially prepared pesticides, there are numerous natural ways of eradicating and preventing pest attacks. These green methods are efficient, cheap and environmentally friendly.


Why chose a green pest control techniques?

Unlike the synthetic methods, there are many benefits associated with the green methods. These benefits include:

  • Environmental friendly
    • By Looking at the current trend, everything is going green. This is due to the concern over the pollution. Having organic methods of combating pests, offer relief to the environment.
  • They have a broad range of use
    • When using the natural methods of pest control, there exist numerous options. If the attack is to the interior or exterior of the house, it is possible to choose the best suited to the situation.
  • Natural remedies are nontoxic to people and animals
    • If pests invade, the green pesticides are safe to apply without fear of poisoning or severe reaction. On the other hand, if there are small kids no need to worry about their safety. The natural pesticides are nontoxic.

How does the green pest control work?

gardenThe natural pest control methods greatly rely on the understanding of the invading pests. The people involved have the knowledge of identifying the pulling factors. Once the pulling effect is determined, corrective measure is put in place, to eliminate or repel pests. Another principle is the use of integrated pest management (IPM). The IPM involves monitoring of pests to a set level. If they exceed this limit, then a pesticide is used bring them back to the threshold.


  • Use of Traps
    • For the large pests such as rodents, traps are employed to minimize their number. These traps are not created with pesticides; rather they use baits. For smaller insects like moths, they are attracted by using attractive colors. In the case of mosquitoes, the traps are sprayed with mimicking hormones that lure them into the trap.
  • Use of Repellents and Barriers
    • This method is used where no killing of insects is intended. It involves using substances that produce unpleasant smell thereby repelling pests. Additionally, it may include the use of repelling plants to keep away pests.
  • Use of Predators
    • Some insects are carnivorous. It is this characteristic that experts exploit. They breed more predators, thereby increasing their number in the environments. They regulate the target pest by eating them, thus, reducing pest concentration in the target area.
  • Use of Bio-Pesticides
    • With biological forms of pest control, there no need to worry about pollution. They do not last longer in the environment hence deemed safe. The Biological pesticides are prepared in a form of bacteria targeting a particular pest. After they work on it, they diminish with the host. They are considered one of most effective green pesticide.
  • Use of Botanical Pesticides
    • These are chemical extracts from various trees, shrubs and herbs. Upon application, they work like their synthetic counterparts. However, the biological ones are biodegradable.



Qualities to Check From a Green Control Agency

Finding a good company that offers green control services can be an uphill task. Before hiring, it is good to scrutinize the capability, type of chemicals they use, and reputability. Additionally, the price is another factor and whether they offer training on how to manage pests in the case of

Eradicating pests can be tiresome and money consuming. The natural methods have proved fruitful and safe. For conservation of environment, it is useful to adopt the cleanest and most effective forms of pest control available.

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