Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rats

Rats are furred rodents found underneath bushes, under rocks, near debris, in holes and in untidy areas such as attics and basements. There are two common types that plague homes and they’re known as roof rats and brown rats. The brown rat is also dubbed as the wharf rat and common rat while the roof rat is referred to as the black rat, house rat, ship rat. They’re dirty rodents that transmit diseases, gnaw at furniture and wood, and defecate around the house. They’re mostly active in dark spaces and are most likely found in overcrowded areas with other insects. They have the tendency to feed on almost anything, but mostly feed off meats, insects, grains, flowers, and vegetables. Unfortunately, they are found in large populations around the house and infestation can occur without any visible evidence because they tend to come at night and hide during the day.

Organic Rat Repellents

Organic rat repellents are safer for pets and children since they are pellets specially designed from the scent of natural predators of rats. For instance, Urine from a bobcat, coyote, or fox can keep rats away from your home. The pellets are expertly processed into small, grainy pellets that you can scatter all over your shed, garden, home or other area where rats can infest. This technique of rat repellent technology is safe for children and pets because it uses organic materials.

High Pitch Sound Devices

High pitch sound devices are electronic devices specially designed to produce a high pitch sound that is not able to be heard by people or pets, but irritating for rodents. Those gadgets drive rats away from your property, without damaging them. They just produce a unique sound which makes it intolerable for rats to stay in the area where the device is installed, driving them away to a place more appropriate for their nesting. Those devices are very well-designed, and it spares you the troubles of disposing of the rat’s dead bodies, which with rat traps or rat poison is almost inevitable.

Rat Zapper

A rat zapper is an electrically powered rat trap that kills the rat instantly, with a powerful electric charge, leaving the dead rodent in a special container for little rat corpses. Rats can carry and transmit dangerous illnesses, which you and your family or pets most definitely want to avoid. The rat container gives you a great opportunity to avoid direct contact with the dead animal, and remove it safely into a garbage container.

Seal Off Potential Entry Ways

Rats have a tendency to chew through almost anything, so you need to seal off these potential entry ways with cement, sheet meshing, or some heavy metal material. For added protection add some shards of glass to wet cement to deter rats from getting in before the cement dries.

Talk to a Pest Control Professional

If you want to know how to get rid of rats permanently, your best bet would be to talk to a pest control professional. Rats are resilient, and they reproduce quickly so it can be tough to get rid of them. Also, rats can live all over your home in walls, attics, basements, and your yard. Sometimes even identifying the source of a rat infestation or their entry point to your home can be incredibly stressful.

Regardless of the techniques you employ to rid your home of rodents and pests, it is important to tackle this problem for the health of you and your family as rats may carry disease and pass it on to humans. One of the most common problems that rats cause is food poisoning. The dangerous bacteria which are present in the hair and urine of the rat can be passed on to humans. So it is imperative to take steps in eliminating pests immediately from your house. There are affordable and quick ways to keep your home pest-free once and for all, so do something about it today!

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