How to Keep Rodents and Bugs Out of Your Garden

Pest control is a very hot topic in the gardening world and one that is regularly debated. Garden pests are known to create havoc in your garden and can ruin all the hard work you put into it. Your garden can go from looking perfect one minute, and the next there will be tons of holes in your plants. Animals, as well as insects, are known culprits when it comes to ruining your garden. Some of the pests include caterpillars, gophers, birds, worms, slugs, etc.

Admittedly, nobody likes investing a huge amount of effort in their garden, only to see it get ruined by rodents and bugs. Well, the garden is lovely and green and good for the eating as far as rodents and bugs are concerned so here are some ideas to drive the little critters away.

Gardening and Natural Pest Control

The rational approach to gardening and pest control is to create a balance of organisms in your garden. If you have kids or pets and animals then using chemicals to control rodents and bugs may not be an option. There are easy methods of natural pest control, and some of the ingredients may be contained in your refrigerator, pantry or cupboard. Some garden plants have pest control properties as their scents are repellent to some pests.

Ants, for instance, do not like cinnamon, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and cucumber and if you really want to get rid of them, use garlic or clove oil. Cockroaches won’t come near garlic, cucumber, bay leaves, and catnip. Some plants and herbs in the mint family are renowned for repelling many types of insects. Citrus oil will repel fleas, and you can even wash your pets with lemon scented dishwashing liquid to ward off these creatures.

Natural pest control is cheaper than buying and applying pesticides, and it’s safer for the environment and your garden.

Keep Pest Repellent and Bug Spray on Hand

Keeping your garden alive is often done naturally with rain and sunlight, but you must be sure to water it, as well, and keep an eye on your young crop, too. Also keeping it safe from harm and pestilence is another crucial factor that shouldn’t be overlooked, so be sure you keep pest repellent and bug spray on hand, at all times, so that your garden doesn’t get devoured by rodents and bugs. This means you might have to set some traps otherwise the instant your lovely green begins to bloom; it will have bite marks all over the place.

Choice of Plants

The correct choice of garden plant should also be taken into account. Some plants are resistant to different diseases and pests. A good example is a variety called the Beef Tomato. This plant is resistant to gray leaf spots and tobacco mosaic. Other plants are resistant to only a single type of garden disease. This resistance is very significant if only one disease is common in your vicinity. Contact an expert who can help you identify the plant diseases in your locality.


If you start noticing that you have a pest problem in your garden, then you must be diligent in trying to exterminate them if you want to preserve your hard work. The sooner you attack the problem, the less of an issue it will become. The longer the pests stay then they will try to nest in the area causing an even bigger headache for you.

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