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In the event that you have a pest problem, reach out to Crazylegs. We will promptly rid your home or business of harmful pests. Whatever the situation, we will remedy it.

It's very hard to choose a company that you trust to do the job correctly. Our solution is affordable, efficient, and we offer a level of customer care rarely equal in the profession.

Your Crazylegs Exterminator Will Eliminate Your Pest Situation 

We're fast, and you'll like our service- guaranteed. Our solutions are safe and reliable. Our people are extraordinary, and our customer service is the absolute best in the profession. We offer free inspections, absolutely free quotes, and fair rates. You want your problem solved quickly, professionally, and at a fair price, and we are here for you.

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  • We get it. Almost everyone feels uncomfortable identifying pests at home or at work. Our response times are legendary. We'll arrive fast and have your problem taken care of.
  • We can do it. We focus on all of the most common pests including cockroaches, mice, wasps, scorpions, ants, bed bugs, crickets, spiders, termites, bees, rodents, ticks, fleas, earwigs, killer bees, wasp nest removal, mosquitoes, birds, etc.. Your situation is certainly not unique. Trust us when we say our tech have seen it all.
  • We guarantee it! For no charge, your specialist will return for additional treatments as needed in case the pests return. In case you are on a regularly scheduled treatment program and pests appear between treatments, your pro will come out and deal with it immediately.
  • We're safe. We make every effort to deliver the very best services. We're licensed, certified, and fully insured. Our safe and effective treatments employ only the safest techniques and materials as recognized by industry standards.
  • You'll love our customer service. Our entire workforce is courteous and practical, from our phone operators to our highly skilled inspectors and techs. We pride ourselves on our people, and you'll be wowed by their practical experience and know-how.
  • We're free and reasonable. Our inspection service is totally free, and so are our price quotes. We dwell and do business in Lafayette, Indiana and as your neighbors we offer reasonable and competitive rates.
  • We're transparent. From the completely free price quote given by your inspector, you'll know beforehand the total cost and all treatment details. The plan will be crystal clear.
  • You are very important to us. We know our future success is dependent on your satisfaction and trust. You deserve the very best services.

Crazylegs Company Uses Modern Procedures and Materials

Practical control of insects primarily relies on insecticide administrations at key places on your property. Locations of probable insect nests are critical, but it's also necessary to understand and treat places where the insects get in and get out. Indicators of nesting are easily identified by your Crazylegs technicians, as well as all entry and exit points.

Safety Is a Key Concern of Crazylegs

Lots of people are discussing "green" pest control techniques which preserve the environment and reduce toxins. In reality, the leading extermination companies like Crazylegs already utilize these types of innovative solutions. Our experts are qualified to examine and remove environmental aspects that allow pests to reproduce or thrive. By naturally reducing the pest issue in this way, a smaller volume of chemicals and pesticides are needed.

This strategy is called "Integrated Pest Management" and it integrates prevention with conventional applications of practical pesticides. The intention is to decrease the infestation considerably and allow the thoughtful and careful application of safe and effective pesticides, especially those that have no effect on humans or family pets.

protect your home in laafayette in from pests with crazylegs pest controlCrazylegs Exterminator Services Are Guaranteed

Our company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our service and for the results we accomplish. We will continue to come back to your home or business in the event that you continue to have issues, until you are satisfied. We will return as needed for extra treatments, at no extra cost to you. We'll come again without delay for added treatments, even for patrons on a routinely arranged treatment regimen if pest should reappear.

Eradicate Bugs 

You can relax easy understanding that your Crazylegs technician will arrive at the cause of your situation, no matter what pests you may have. We aim to deliver the best pest control service and value in Lafayette, Indiana and you'll notice it with every contact and each action.

Eliminate Bugs!

It makes good sense to attend to any rat or insect situation instantly, as mice often carry disease and bugs can spread unsafe microorganisms. Therefore the health and wellness of your household, workers, and customers is at stake. Moreover, when it comes to termites, the actual structure of your home or business is at risk.

Trust Crazylegs Pest Control company to guard your friends and family's health and your business safety. We are recognized for our speedy, well-mannered, and effective customer service. Call for a complimentary consultation in Lafayette, Indiana.


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