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Whatever pest issue you're confronting, Crazylegs service is the recognizable solution. We will protect your home or company, and efficiently eliminate any pests. Whatever the situation, we will fix it.

Simply choosing a company is different than choosing one you count on to handle your pest issue. Our service is reasonably priced and efficient, and we give an amount of customer care seldom equal in the market.

If You Require an Exterminator Crazylegs Has You Covered

We offer a satisfaction guarantee and swift response times. We'll remove your pests in a safe way. You can rely on our amazing work force to deliver the service you expect and desire. Your inspection is totally free, as is the estimate, and you'll get a fair rate. Essentially, we'll resolve your issue quickly, professionally and economically.

Why Count on Crazylegs?

  • We understand. You require a remedy quickly. It's normal to feel vulnerable anytime you are finding pests. Our response times are storied. We'll get there quick and have your situation handled.
  • We got this. Our specialists are highly trained to remove all typical pests in Brooklyn Park and surrounding areas including cockroaches, mice, wasps, scorpions, ants, bed bugs, crickets, spiders, termites, bees, rodents, ticks, fleas, earwigs, killer bees, wasp nest removal, mosquitoes, birds, etc.. Our technicians have seen situations similar to yours in the past, so you can rest easy.
  • We're guaranteed! For no charge, your specialist will return for further treatments as necessary in the event that the pests return. If pests show up anytime between routinely scheduled treatments, we'll send out your pro to attend to your issue at once.
  • We're safe. We are a licensed, certified, and fully insured company. Our safe and effective treatments utilize only the safest methods and materials as recognized by industry standards.
  • You'll like our customer service. From our courteous and helpful telephone operators to our skilled and knowledgeable inspectors and highly trained and clean-cut experts, you will be excited with the high quality of our employees and our customer service.
  • We're free and reasonable. Your inspection is cost-free, as is your price quote. We're your neighbors in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and we'll resolve your problem for an honest and affordable rate.
  • We give you everything you need to reach a decision. Straight from the get go, our inspectors will deliver a complete estimate that includes prices and all treatment particulars. There won't be any kind of surprises.
  • You are important to us. We realize our future growth depends on your full satisfaction and trust. You should have the leading pest control services.

Crazylegs Company Uses state-of-the-art Procedures and Materials

Bug control typically calls for particular administration of insecticides at important sites on your property, because of this, bug nesting areas have to be treated. However, to stop an infestation, it is additionally essential to build a defense at potential entry and exit spots. Your highly-trained technician from Crazylegs has been qualified to observe and address all nesting, entrance and exit sites.

Safety Is a Major Concern of Crazylegs 

"Green" pest control methods have been a popular topic recently. This has been a buzzword that describes what the very best extermination companies already do, the same as Crazylegs. The trick is for the expert to take a look at and get rid of the environmental variables that permit pests to flourish and reproduce. By naturally reducing the pest situation in this manner, a smaller amount of chemicals and pesticides are necessary.

This practical method that blends prevention with traditional applications of effective pesticides goes by the label "Integrated Pest Management." By diminishing the infestation in a natural way and using environmental variables, a reduced quantity of safe and practical pesticides having very little or no impact on humans or pets can be used.

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Crazylegs Exterminator Services Are Guaranteed 

You are safeguarded by our absolute guarantee, including not just our results but also our service. We will continue to revisit your home or business if you continue to have problems, until you are completely satisfied. In case additional treatments are called for, we will return at zero extra cost to you. When it comes to clients on a scheduled treatment program, in the event that pests show up between treatments we'll come out and deliver another treatment at once.

Bug Eradication

Your Crazylegs tech, whatever pest problem you have, will swiftly handle your concern, so you can relax easy. We go all out to provide the very best pest control service and value in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota with each contact and every action.

Get Rid of Bugs!

It makes good sense to fix any rodent or insect issue immediately, as mice typically carry disease and insects can spread harmful bacteria. Don't gamble the health of your whole family, employees, or patrons. Moreover sometimes the actual structure of your house or business is at danger, as when it comes to termites.

Trust your family's health and your business safety to Crazylegs Pest Control company. We are recognized for our punctual, well-mannered, and effective service. Get your free of charge assessment now in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Give us a call today.


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