What to Do Before and After an Exterminator Comes

Preparing for a pest control treatment is quite a straightforward task – these infamous tiny creatures may be hidden in many places, but some key precautionary measures can be taken to make sure you get the most effective treatment possible.

Your overall pest control treatment will be most effective if you combine forces with the pest control team and prepare your office, home or estate before and after their arrival. Therefore, have a word with your welcoming Crazylegs Pest Control expert to get personalized advice for your properties and treatment being done.


  • Put all food stuff away. These consist of stuff on bench tops and wrapping food in the pantry.
  • Move furniture away from walls including storage items, shelving, and sofas. This will provide the best access for treatment application along skirting and around the base of walls.
  • Cover your fish tank and switch off the fish tank pump.
  • Have all your pets checked and treated for fleas before the exterminator arrives.
  • If there are items in the basement, ensure the pest controller has access.
  • Collect bedding, cushions, blankets, pets and children toys if they are on the floor.

Leave home for about two hours if the treatment involves spraying. While most chemicals used by exterminators are nontoxic to both pets and humans, it’s recommended that treatments are totally dry before returning to the home if spraying is used.


  • Keeping your garden neat and mowing the lawn and can significantly reduce hiding spots for pests that might live outdoors but march into your home in the evening (i.e. mice and rats)
  • Clean up debris and rubbish lying around your domicile. Also, dispose of Cardboard and other clutter.
  • Fix any leaky plumbing and moisture around your home.
  • Clean up gutters of leaf litter and other kinds of debris.

I hope this post has clarified how you can prepare before and after the treatment. If you have come across signs of pests including spotting the pests themselves, mess or damage, droppings, or heard noises, the sooner you make plans for treatment, the sooner the problem will be solved.

As a homeowner, the perfect way to get the most out of a pest control treatment is to schedule annual pest management; this involves an exterminator coming to your home and spraying once a year, before the pests become an issue. This will give you the ability to have a pest free home and yard.

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