Natural Pest Control: Changing the Local Environment to Reduce Population Growth

Pest infestation is one of the most aggravating things that can happen to upset your life. Once these frightening critters invade your home, you don’t feel like going back to your own house. While some of them destroy our immediate vegetation, others sting or bite and even feed on us.


Pest control is made up of all the methods and practices of keeping pests away. Its application goes beyond what we usually know of it in homes. It is used in agriculture and other vital industries.


If not controlled, pests can cause a lot of damage. Pests’ damage costs homeowners billions of dollars every year, as well as pose serious health risks. Below are just a few examples of why keeping a watchful eye on your home or business for pest problems is extremely important.


  • Rodents such as mice and rats can bring diseases into your home, contaminate your food and multiply in number quickly while leaving droppings and damage to your property.

  • Bed Bugs feed on human blood and can travel from person to person while increasing in numbers rapidly.

  • Termites cause more than two billion dollars in damages as they feed on the wooden structure of buildings. Their damage is hidden under floorboards and behind walls, making them a tricky pest to spot.

  • Moths live near your food sources – able to chew through plastic bags and thin cardboard, they could eat up anything in your pantry! These pests will live in your cabinets and pantries, and wreak havoc on your dinner plans.


The importance of pest control is that beyond its use in homes, pest management is very important to us for many reasons. Here are some of those reasons:


  • One of the key reasons why pest control is mandatory is because of health. Pests can bring diseases that can be very dangerous.

  • Pests can influence both resources and production. This is the main reason why pest control is vital in agriculture and other industries.

  • Aside from the damage that they can do to production and resources, they can also cause some serious damage to existing structures. Sometimes the damage can be so severe that a whole structure would be rendered useless because of it, like in cases where termites have eaten away at a wooden structure.


It’s now clear that the environment around us has a great influence on the pest population and in this post we’ll look at the modes of controlling pests.


The pest control strategy or tactics you choose depends on the nature of the pest, the environment of the pest, and economic or tolerance considerations. The combination of prevention and suppression techniques usually enhances a pest-management program.

When controlling pests, always try to select the method that is the most effective and the least harmful to people and the environment. Use several methods whenever possible, and be sure to use them correctly. It is also important to observe all state and federal regulations regarding the methods chosen.

Natural pest control approaches have proven to be environmentally friendly and do not have damaging side effects.


Natural Methods to Eradicate Pests from Your Home or Farm:


  • Spray Milk: Excessive rain and not spreading out plants adequately can cause turmoil with fungus befalling on your rose garden or veggie. Mix milk and water to make a fungicide solution. Spray plants as a treatment or preventive measure.

  • Get Rid of Insects with Chili and Garlic: A chili or garlic based spray is good for tiny insects such as caterpillars and aphids. Mix squashed chili and garlic with some vegetable oil and soap shavings. Soak for a while, and then spray on plants.

  • Eliminate Aphids Using Natural Predators: The ideal way to kill aphids is to welcome their natural predators into the garden- all of which will blissfully feast on your aphids.


Natural pest control is the best means to eliminate pests from your home or farm because they do not have any damaging side effects to the environment and that they tend to be quite effective. When compared to other methods such as chemical pest control, natural pest control tends to be cheaper.

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