Pest Infestations Aren’t as Uncommon as Most People Think

During the last ten years, we have seen a significant surge in the number of pest infestations reported from resort hotels, condos, apartments, cruise ships, colleges, etc. a pest infestation can cause more problems than you realize. Some pests like cockroaches put your health at risk; others like termites can destroy the foundation and walls of your home. Consequently, it’s important to prevent pest infestations from ever happening.

There are preventive things you can do to avoid pest infestation in your home, and the following are a few suggestions:

Vacuum Your Home Frequently

Vacuum your home extensively and frequently to eliminate pests and dislodge pest eggs. Even better, use a vacuum hose attachment to thoroughly vacuum crevices and cracks which are their common hiding places.

Keep Your Home Clean

Consider planning one or two days weekly to vacuum, dust, wash and scrub to keep your home clean. In case your house is fitted with a carpet, consider vacuuming it. If it has laminate flooring, consider mopping and sweeping it up.


The fewer amount of hiding places you provide, the less the possibility of invasion. Get rid of all personal things like blankets, soft toys, electronics and stuffed animals or/and anything else that might act as their hiding place.

Seal All Cracks and Holes

Inspect your office or home for holes or cracks in vents, walls, and your foundation. If you see any, seal or fill as soon as possible to ward off roaches, termites, and other pests.

Fix Leaks to Lessen Moisture

Most pests need a humid environment to survive. Hence build a good drainage system. Repair all the plumbing leaks in your home, even the ones that are very minor.

Inspect Your Luggage When You Get Home

If you’re crashing somewhere other than home, watch out. Bedbug prevalence is on the rise and motels, and hotels are some of their preferred hangouts. Your luggage might be sealed and bug proof but don’t be too complacent. Remove all your clothes, wash and dry them in a hot dryer. Do this every time you come home from a vacation or business trip.


There you have it, a rundown of the best ways to prevent common pest infestations. Follow these simple tips to avoid inconvenient rehabilitation of your home.

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