Why There are so Many Spiders in the Spring and How to Rid Your Home of Them

Does the thought of spiders make your skin crawl? Well, spiders are among the most reviled and feared creatures on this planet. Nobody quite understands why we dislike spiders like we do.

Arachnophobia is real, and there are individuals who would opt to jump off a cliff rather than take on a spider. As silly as it seems, fear of spiders still exists. Luckily, you can get rid of spiders easily if they scare the wits out of you.

Warm Spring Means an Influx of Spiders are Heading for Your Home

When you hear someone talk about spring finally coming, the usual thoughts that pop in your head are warm temperatures, blooming flowers, sunshine and blossoming trees. However, above-average temperatures from the spring and summer have also created the perfect conditions for spiders to thrive. You’ll begin to notice more webs and spiders in the corners of your home and all around your yard.

Many spiders have a periodic timetable that concurs with their mating season. Spiders hatch in the spring, breed and afterward die in the fall. So while spiders are naturally less active at the beginning of summer, by August, they are big enough to start spinning webs so that they can mate.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

Spiders are creepy-crawlies that render a wife a screaming wreck or gibbering mess. Luckily, there are myriad ways to reduce their numbers, and they’re all very easy to carry out.

Properly Dispose of Leftover Food

Let’s face it, most pests and insects are attracted to rotting food. The more bugs that are lured to the food, the more spiders you will have. Place all leftover food in a tightly sealed garbage can and frequently take out the trash.

Outdoor Lights

Did you know that bugs are drawn to outdoor lights? Keeping your lights off will decrease both your spider and bug populations. Ideally, you can have yellow sodium bug lights installed if you want to keep your exterior or landscape lighting.

Paper and Cardboard’s

Spiders like to live in dry and cool places like stacks of paper and cardboard boxes. Always check your storage and basement areas for spiders living in these items. Frequent vacuuming and dusting helps reduce the population of spiders indoors. Be cautious when working in basements, barns, storage areas, attics, and garages, as spiders are more likely to relocate to these darker and less-disturbed locations.

Eliminate Clutter

Like mice and cockroaches, spiders love clutter. Clean well and often: Vacuum beneath and behind nightstands, chairs, and sofas. Clean corners, lighting fixtures and ceilings using an extension dusting poles. Use your vacuum hose to clean registers and air ducts.

If all else fails, especially bad infestations, such as those found in older homes, may require a professional exterminator. Nowadays, most services offer nontoxic solutions, so be sure to ask your pest control specialist.


Spiders are useful creatures since they feed on other bugs. However, we hate and fear them more than other creepy crawlies in our homes. You can eliminate spiders by eliminating insects and bugs from your home. There are many ways to counter pest infestation varying from natural methods to biological methods depending on the type of pests you want to eliminate.

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