Most Important Cleaning Tips to Keep Bugs Away

Let’s face it; bugs are annoying little critters. They might be important for the preservation of the environment, but that doesn’t stop them from being the nuisance they are, mostly when they march into our homes. The key thing to remember when getting rid of pests is eliminating the source of the problem. They might […]

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Rats

Rats are furred rodents found underneath bushes, under rocks, near debris, in holes and in untidy areas such as attics and basements. There are two common types that plague homes and they’re known as roof rats and brown rats. The brown rat is also dubbed as the wharf rat and common rat while the roof […]

Natural Bug Repellent

Those bothersome flying bugs are perhaps the worst part of the warm summer months. Summer is usually the most anticipated of all the seasons. There’s the sports, the fishing, hiking, swimming, vacations and, last and definitely least are all those bug stings and bites. So, how can you keep those bugs away without spraying a […]

How to Relocate Bees and Wasps

Admittedly, Bees and wasps can be very distressing to control and manage. Honey bee stings are quite painful and even life threatening, yet farmers make a fortune selling honey. On the flip side, wasps are never aggressive unless they feel threatened. This makes them look harmless. However, if they sting you, it is very painful […]

Repairing Termite Damage: The Process and Cost

Hearing “you’ve got serious termite damage” is every property owner’s worst nightmare, but it’s not a death sentence. Okay, I admit. Termites can cause billions of dollars in damage. However, if they are discovered early enough, the damage can be fixed without too much of a hassle. What separates termite damage from other hazards like […]

How Pest Control Has Improved in the Last 25 Years

Roaches, ants, spiders… Oh, my! No one wants pests in their home. Admittedly, pest control is a serious problem and one that poses significant risks to our farms, gardens, and homes. Neglecting to deal with pest problems can not only cause irreversible damage to businesses or/and homes, but many pests transmit diseases that can affect […]

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