How to Deal With a Pest Infestation

Pest infestations are something which understandably troubles most people. They’re an insult to our cleanliness, an invasion of privacy, and can even give you lasting health problems such asthma. Additionally, they’re a not so friendly constant reminder that our faultlessly set up barriers between the “inside” and the “outside” are easily breached. Some creepy crawlies […]

Seasonal Aspect of Pest Control

Pests are always looking for a dependable food source and a warm, safe shelter. Regrettably, some of the more alluring places that pests are attracted to are our homes. Since Pests are affected by seasons, the dangers they pose shift as the weather changes. It is important to be conscious of seasonal pest patterns and […]

Most Common and Problematic Pests in Arizona

Pest infestation is one of the most aggravating things that can happen to upset your life. Once these frightening critters invade your home, you don’t feel like going back to your house. While some of them destroy our immediate vegetation, others sting and bite and even feed on us. Although Arizona is home to a […]

Do it Yourself Ant Control

Seeing an ant almost half an inch long is enough reason to take a step back and allow the seemingly small creature to pass without being harassed. Picture this if you will – You come across millions of ants this size or larger, foraging through the forest. Your first instinct would be to change your […]

Could Flowers in Your Home Attract Pests?

Did you know that your flower garden may unintentionally draw unwanted pests into your home? Some flowers attract irksome creepy crawlies while others deter and repel them away. You can also grow certain flowers to attract helpful insects around your home. These friendly insects also help you get rid of nasty pests. From sap feeding […]

Spider Bites: Precautions and Treatment Guide

Unless you’re a tiny insect, we have good news: the majority of spiders in North America do not have lethal bites. Since most spider bites don’t fully penetrate human skin, they  cause only minor reactions. However, there are two spider types that are extremely venomous and can cause a deadly allergic reaction. These are the […]

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